This week’s learning…

The children enjoyed listening to the story ‘The Snowy Day’. They also listened to a lovely version of the story on Youtube, click on the link below to have a look!

The Snowy Day

In small groups, the children were introduced to the concept of melting through looking and feeling ice!

The children explored by feeling in our snowy scene and messy tray.

We wrote messages in our cards to someone special, practised cutting, sticking and folding through wrapping different sized boxes and decorated the class tree!

In PE, the children roleplayed being different arctic animals. They were walking on all fours like Polar Bears, sliding like Seals on their tummies and jumping like Artic Hares! They were fantastic at negotiating their space around the hall!

Also, using the large interactive screens in the classrooms we practised following yoga movements.

Messages for parents…

Important dates:

Christmas Party! – Wednesday 18th December

See the source image

– The list for food has been put out on the board, please sign up for the item you are bringing for the party and remember items must not include any nuts.  Your child may wear their party clothes to school on this day.  However, please ensure that these are sensible clothes that will enable your child to safely enjoy their day at school without any accidents caused by long dresses or unsuitable footwear. 

End of term – Thursday 19th December

Thank you for your support!

Next week’s learning…

Next week we will be reading a selection of our favourite stories from this term. We will be enjoying games and songs on Wednesday 18th for our end of term party. Our last day of term is Thursday 19th December.

This week’s learning…

This week the children were supported to find numerals on the class advent calendar and to spot shapes.

Every day a child picked and completed an active challenge from the jar!

We learned how to print by using a brush to paint onto the printer and then pressing down carefully.

The gifts we are making are almost finished!! Next week we will be painting them to finish them off…

The children also enjoyed making a winter wonderland collage using a variety of materials.

We voted for our preferred story. The story with the most votes was ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen, so this is the story we read at the end of the session.

After the carpet session, the children then wanted to have a go at recording their friend’s votes through mark making.

Well done Nursery! 🙂

Messages for parents…

Important dates:

Christmas Jumper day – Wednesday 11th December

Election Day – Thursday 12th December – SCHOOL CLOSED

Christmas Party – Wednesday 18th December

End of term – Thursday 19th December

Junk Modelling:

Thank you for all the cardboard tubes!

We are running low on cardboard boxes. Next week we will be wrapping presents to go under our class Christmas tree, if you have any small cardboard packets eg biscuit boxes, breadstick boxes, please bring them in!

Thank you for your support!