On Monday we read the story of the Gingerbread Man, and made our own. We tasted them after reading the story. Mmm, delicious!

We also enjoyed using our Fairytale phonebook and using a giant phone keypad to call the characters from the stories, like the Big Bad Wolf and Goldilocks!

We played a game in pairs or teams to design Gingerbread Men.

Over this half term, the children have learned all about ‘Traditional Tales’; learning traditional nursery rhymes; mark-making in response to the stories and beginning to practise to hold a pencil correctly and writing letters in their names.

We have been practising counting to 5 and beyond through counting actions/objects which cannot be moved and recognising numerals. We also touched on ‘shape’ and using a range of different shapes to make pictures.

In PE, we have been learning to listen to instructions following a two-part sequence; to jump with two feet/on one foot and to catch a large ball.

Have a lovely half term! 🙂