The children have enjoyed reading about cheeky Elmer’s adventures, exploring the different patterns and loved making their own little Elmer covering the milk bottles, with different colour patches!

They have had lots of fun making our own patterns in different ways – painting and printing, bead threading and using construction materials and chalks outside.

This week we introduced the children to non-fiction books. Due to the Spring showers, we introduced the book ‘Let’s Look at a Puddle!‘. The children got to go outside in the rain in small groups to look for puddles to explore! They had a great time dropping pebbles, leaves, and twigs into the puddle to see if they made a splash or floated. They were very sensible!

We also explored our shadows using the whiteboard projector light and matched the correct shadows to different types of jungle animals. The children were brilliant at this!

Well done to Jackson and Cattina for receiving the proud clouds this week!

Well done Nursery!