We had some exciting visitors to the class this week – two of Reception’s newly hatched chicks! Before they arrived, we all washed our hands well and talked about how we needed to try and be still and quiet. The children learned to spot the boy (bright yellow) and the girl (browny-yellow) and looked at their pointy beaks for pecking, and their feathers, wings and scratchy feet. The chicks cheeped noisily and we took them out of the box so they could move around. They flapped their wings and had a run in our classroom! The children each had the opportunity to very gently stroke one of the chicks and have a closer look. We all washed our hands again after meeting them.

The children enjoyed joining in with the rhyme ‘We’re going on a Tiger Hunt,’ making binoculars and pretending to be explorers looking for different animals in the Jungle!

World Book Day was great fun! We scattered cushions around the classroom and read some of the children’s favourite stories! Reading is important to develop children’s language and creativity and it’s a great way to have fun with your children at home. Thank you to all the parents for the hard work you put into the children’s outfits. They looked amazing! 🙂

Well done to Izaarn and Darcie for receiving the proud clouds this week!