Please try to read daily with your children. Nursery children need to be able to experience books; they should be encouraged to recognise the story being read to them, they can help with telling the story and anticipating the end of the story. They should be encouraged to join in with rhymes and to begin to recognise words that start with the same sound such as ‘big boat’.

CBeebies Bedtime Stories

Julia Donaldson’s animated stories

Phonics – Learning Sounds

In nursery, we would be teaching the children their sounds (not the alphabet or letter names as this may confuse the children). Please start to introduce the sounds to your children so they become familiar with them. Please focus on single sounds e.g. m, s, a, t, p

Parent advice Read, write, Inc. Phonics

Monster Sound Songs

Alphablocks – practise listening and saying the sounds

You can also download the ‘Alphablocks’ app for free on iPads/ Iphones.

Sound Games – Phase 1

Jolly Phonics Songs –


Developing ‘fine motor’ skills helps build the foundation for writing. For example, using playdough, pegging up the washing and threading string through pasta.

Mark-making with different materials (felt tips, pencils, crayons, etc.) is a good way to develop children’s writing skills.

Please ensure the children are holding the writing tool correctly.

Image result for correct pencil grip

To support drawing, colouring and name writing you can download an App on tablets/iPhones/iPads called ‘Doodle Buddy‘ for free, it’s great fun!

Image result for doodle buddy app

Can they write their name on their work?

To  support name writing and letter formation you can use this:

Please encourage the children to write their names on a regular basis.


Numberblocks is a great way to develop your children’s number knowledge and counting skills…

Number block series

We have been working on our numbers up to 10 – counting, ordering and making simple patterns.

Talk about shapes in the house or garden and find different 2D shapes at home:

Use a tablet, computer or phone to complete a game. Can you use Top Marks to complete a challenge with your numbers to 10?

Understanding the world

‘I Can Cook!’ online episodes are a lovely way to get children inspired and helping with the cooking. The children can get involved in following the recipes adding the ingredients, mixing and weighing with guidance.

Link to maths – Use language such as full, half-full and empty when filling up containers and pots with pasta, water, rice etc.

Look at old family photos. Can you find out about what it was like for your grandparents when they went to school in the past? Was it the same or different? What do you want to be when you grow up… talk about your hopes for the future!

Show the children maps! Support them to help you look for your house on google maps.

Look at simple facts about different types of animals in jungle.

Talk about the way jungle animals move!- In the Animal boogie!

Physical Development

Encourage the children to help with the cleaning and washing! Can they help you put the clothes in the washing machine, wash the tables or the dishes?

Yoga is also a great way to keep active – See Cosmic yoga:

Have fun and play games: Play ball games, ride a bike/scooter, play hide and seek, stuck in the mud or go on an egg hunt around the house!

Expressive Arts and Design

Encourage the children to be creative, design and make cupcakes, paint some flowers, make an Easter card or do some junk modelling!

See the source image

We wish you all the best and hope these home links will support you to continue learning with your children at home. Do try to keep it as normal and as fun for them as possible.

Miss Harding & Miss Johns x