I hope you are all well and happy 😊

Here are a few fun things to do

Can you count the steps in your home as you climb up and down them …..

Can you find something in your home for each colour in the rainbow ?

What shape is your TV ? What shape is your table ? What shape is your bed ? What shape is your plate ? Can you draw them ?

Ask if you can have a washing up bowl full of water …. and using plastic containers/ cups can you carefully pour and fill them full and empty them ?

If you can go to the park …. run …. jump and skip …. you could have races !! Look for minibeasts ….

Can you remember how to sing …12345 once I caught a fish alive …. if you are happy and you know it clap your hands …. 3 blind mice …. you could fill a plastic bottle with rice or pasta to make a musical shaker to use when you sing !!!

Can you draw your family ? Or maybe what you have enjoyed doing at home .

Perhaps you could make some cupcakes …. and have a picnic in the park .and take a story to have read to you .

Whatever you do have fun but take care.