This week at school we are looking at a non-fiction book, The Big Book of Bugs by Yuval Zommer. This is a trailer for the book – can you spot any minibeasts you know?

Can you go on a mini beast hunt in your garden or in the park? Be very gentle and try not to touch any you find, but use your eyes to look closely! If you want to look under logs or stones remember to move them very slowly, and to roll them back into place after you’ve had a look. After a rain shower is a good time to spot slugs and snails – usually eating Miss Johns’ courgettes! There are some great hints and tips, and a downloadable tick sheet, on the Woodland Trust website

You could also read any non-fiction (information) books you have about mini beasts to find out more.

Fantastic facts!

Can you draw your favourite mini beast? Does it have legs or wings or antennae? How many of each? What colour is it? Can you find out a fun fact about your mini beast and get a grown up to help you write it next to your picture? Perhaps you could send us a picture of your drawing and your fact via email!

Minibeasts - EYFS Spotlight
And if you can’t find any real mini beasts…you can always invent your own!

Build a bug hotel

If you have some outdoor space, you can give insects a helping hand by building a bug hotel. Find out how, and why, here:

Get singing and counting

Let’s do some ‘subtraction’ with Mrs Parker using biscuits! Get your plate and biscuits ready and click on the link below –

Useful links

Don’t forget the Kingsley Stories collection:

Remember the Jolly Phonics songs if you’d like to learn them: