We hope you have been having fun in the sun, keeping safe in a hat and suncream.


This week we are reading the story, Kitchen Disco!

There is also a song to sing, inspired by the book!

Can you make up some dance moves to go with the song?

Get arty

We are painting pictures of fruit and vegetables this week but also printing WITH them! Use whatever you have leftover – apples, pears, peppers, onions, carrots – dip them in paint and press onto paper.

Fruit & Vegetable Printing — AHA! A Hands-On Adventure, A ...
What shapes can you see in your prints?

Eating well

This week we are also talking about what foods we need to eat to stay healthy. Some foods are ‘always’ foods and some are ‘sometimes’ foods – just for a treat. Have a look at the Eatwell guide. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well/the-eatwell-guide/

Which of these foods do you eat? What ‘always’ foods do you eat in your house? What ‘sometimes’ foods do you get to have as a treat? Can you help Mum and Dad plan a dinner so it has something from each of the sections?

Counting and number recognition

Let’s do some counting and number recognition with Mrs Parker! Click on the link – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1doXMigSRlA3hcOXRjJUYtRDYecUT8WsB/view?usp=sharing

Can you count how many apples or bananas are in your fruit bowl? How many tins are in your cupboard?

Can you match the numbers to the numerals? Practise by playing this game. Count the hearts and find the fruit with the same number – eg three hearts so find number 3. Position the little red circle over the fruit and click to splat!


For a simpler number recognition game, try Helicopter rescue: