This week we continue our health and well being theme with ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’.


What do you do to get ready for sleep each night? See what Charlie and Lola do:

Try to enjoy a bedtime story every day, as well as brushing your teeth and washing.

Get crafty

Can you make a Dreamcatcher? You could use a paper plate or pipe cleaners to make the circle shape, or you could get even more creative:


We are making board games in school. If you have a dice and some paper you can make one too. Choose whatever theme interests you – cars, dinosaurs, lego people. Draw a snake shape and divide it into sections. Or a loop like this:

Make Your Own Car Race Board Game | Board games, Homemade board ...

Make sure you have a START and a FINISH. Decide what you are each using as a counter (car, small toy, coin) and take it in turns to roll the dice, count the spots and move your counter forward to race to the end. If this is too tricky, try covering the faces of the dice with stickers and just using numbers 1-3 for example. Board games like this are a great way to learn turn taking skills as well as practising counting. When you move forward remember not to count the square you are on!

Watch Miss Harding make a board game from home and model how to play – click on the links below.