This week would normally be our last week in Nursery before you all go home for your summer holidays and prepare for moving up to Reception in September.

New classes

For those of you moving to new schools – good luck and best wishes from all of us as you continue to learn and grow. For those of you remaining at Kingsley, you should soon receive the names of your new teachers, and will no doubt be excited to find out more about them. Please keep an eye on Mr McCrae’s Headteacher Blog as he will be publishing videos for you of your new teachers.


Miss Harding and Miss Johns would like to say goodbye and happy holidays to you all. You can watch our video here:

Preparing for Reception

Hopefully you will be spending lots of time outdoors and seeing family over the summer break. There are a few things you can do to help with starting school:

-Keep reading regularly. Before bedtime is a good idea.

-Sing nursery rhymes and favourite songs regularly – this is a great early reading activity, and will help prepare your child for learning sounds at school.

-Try to establish a bedtime routine and ensure a good night’s sleep. This will really help when trying to get children settled happily in Reception.

-Practise getting dressed/undressed and taking shoes and coats on and off independently. Choose trousers/shoes for school that are easy for your child to pull down/do up on their own.

-Practise independent toilet routines and good handwashing practices (count to 20 while washing).

-Practise using cutlery and drinking from a cup independently.

Happy holidays! 🙂