Last week of half-term…

On Monday we read the story of the Gingerbread Man, and made our own. We tasted them after reading the story. Mmm, delicious!

We also enjoyed using our Fairytale phonebook and using a giant phone keypad to call the characters from the stories, like the Big Bad Wolf and Goldilocks!

We played a game in pairs or teams to design Gingerbread Men.

Over this half term, the children have learned all about ‘Traditional Tales’; learning traditional nursery rhymes; mark-making in response to the stories and beginning to practise to hold a pencil correctly and writing letters in their names.

We have been practising counting to 5 and beyond through counting actions/objects which cannot be moved and recognising numerals. We also touched on ‘shape’ and using a range of different shapes to make pictures.

In PE, we have been learning to listen to instructions following a two-part sequence; to jump with two feet/on one foot and to catch a large ball.

Have a lovely half term! 🙂

Messages for parents…

Important Dates to remember:

New term begins – Monday 24th February

We are going to be using plastic milk containers (see picture) for our craft activity on the first week after half term. If you use these at home, please could you bring in one or two for us, well washed, dried, and with the labels removed? Thank you.

Plastic milk cartons with handles, like these…

First week back after half-term…

Next half term our new topic is Down In The Jungle. Our first story of the week will be Elmer by David McKee, the story of a patchwork elephant.

We will be sharing the story and others in the series, creating model Elmers, exploring and continuing pattern, and telling stories about animals and their adventures. In our sound groups we will be Digging for Treasure in the sand pit (finding objects with the same initial sound, eg. cup, car, cat).

This week’s learning…

The children loved listening to the teachers act out the story, ‘The Three Little Pigs’ using the puppets; acting out the story with their friends and making their own three little pigs houses using a range of different resources.

They also got to have a go at programming the Beebots to travel to the Three Little Pig’s houses! They learned how to make the Beebot travel forwards, backwards and how to clear its memory.

Well done to Jackson and Izaarn for receiving the ‘Proud Clouds’ this week!